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Need to hitch a ride for your horse? Do you have an empty stall in your trailer? We can help you find that ride or fill that stall.

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Making the Connection

We just want to make things easy! When you sign up you can make a listing right away, or save information about your horses or common destinations.

When you create a listing, we match you up with folks who are traveling in the same direction as you, not just the same destination, so you get as many matches as possible.

There are over 537 users already looking to fill a stall or find a ride for one of over 560 registered horses!

List for Free!

It doesn't cost anything to create a listing when you need to move a horse! You'll be able to see trailers moving in the same direction and get an idea of how easy it is to hitch a ride.

If you like what you see, it's easy to sign up and we have a host of very affordable subscriptions.

Here's a sample!

Check it out...here's just a few random listings that were recently created by our users!

Someone needs to get to Ocala with 1 horse by Feb 10, 2015, leaving from Crestview.

Someone needs to get to Houston with 1 horse by Dec 1, 2014, leaving from Norfolk.

Someone needs to get to Rapid City with 1 horse by Feb 16, 2015, leaving from Los Angeles.

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